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Completing a Service-Oriented Dissertation or Thesis: Key Considerations for Success


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Are you interested in conducting a dissertation or thesis that provides meaningful service to an organization or community? You are not alone. Many students want to conduct program evaluation, action research, community-engaged studies, and other forms of collaborative inquiry that do not easily fit traditional structures for dissertation and thesis writing.

This webinar focuses on three questions to consider when conducting a service-oriented dissertation or thesis: 

  • What is a service-oriented dissertation or thesis, including its purpose and characteristics? 
  • How do I work productively with my dissertation or thesis committee, as well as the organization or community where the inquiry takes place? 
  • How do I communicate and present the inquiry work to meet university requirements and the needs of the organization or community being served? 

Register Here: https://go.qsrinternational.com/Service_Orientation?_ga=2.32539773.256567328.1634039861-2000893456.1627922881


About the Presenters

Dr Tamara Walser is a professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington where she coordinates the M.S. concentration in Evaluation and Organizational Learning, and the certificate program in Evaluation. Dr. Walser teaches courses in evaluation and inquiry methods, and mentors graduate students through their dissertation, thesis, and culminating project experiences. 

Dr Mike Trevisan is Dean of the College of Education and Professor at Washington State University. He has taught courses in program evaluation and measurement, and chaired or served on the committees of 49 doctoral students.  

Drs. Walser and Trevisan co-authored the book, Completing Your Evaluation Dissertation, Thesis, or Culminating Project (SAGE). They also co-authored, Evaluability Assessment: Improving Evaluation Quality and Use (SAGE).


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