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How can I stop Citavi from downloading links but keeping PDFs?


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Hello, I am James from Chicago

I use Citavi, where I have many references without PDF files. So I'm hoping Citavi will automatically download it. I have to click links to download pdfs because the Citavi's "Find full text" button always downloads links. Please teach me to only allow Citavi to download PDFs and not links.


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Hi James,

Citavi will not automatically download the full text because for many articles you will need to pay. However, if your university subscribes to Han or EZProxy, you need to log into them first before you find full text in Citavi - here is the link in the Citavi manual - Citavi 6 Manual.

Best wishes,


Silvana di Gregorio, PhD   
Product Research Director
QSR International (UK) Limited

Eastside, King’s Cross Station, London N1C 4AX  United Kingdom
T  +44 (0)1925 358 095   E  s.digregorio@qsrinternational.com 


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