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Search for references with PDFs copied into Citavi


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Dear all,

My Citavi database became very large over the past decade. Since a few months, I am manually deleting all embedded PDFs and I am now linking to them. Is there a way that I can search in Citavi for records with embedded PDFs (so I find them easier) an exclude the records that have a PDF linked?


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Yes, sorry for the confusion. You are right of course.
I already have a separate folder with all my literature, so I now just want to link to all my PDFs instead of having another copy of them in the Citavi Attachments folder. So far, I linked 1000s of PDFs manually and deleted the stored copy from the Citavi Attachments folder. But the remaining records with copied PDFs are spread all over the database, so it would be handy if I can make a query that only gives me these records, so I can turn this into a selection and then work my way through this selection (i.e. remove PDF in Citavi folder, link to PDF in my own folder).

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