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How do I prevent Citavi from downloading links but retaining PDFs?


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Hello, my name is James and I am from Chicago.

Citavi is where I keep all of my references that don't have PDF files. So I'm expecting Citavi will download it automatically. Because Citavi's "Find full text" option always downloads links, I have to click links to obtain pdfs. Please teach me to only allow Citavi to download PDF files rather than links.


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Hi James, Citavi only downloads PDF files that are available for free, but if Citavi is not able to find a free copy, this does not mean that there is no free PDF available at all. Sometimes, the PDF file cannot be found directly, but only indirectly, or the provider of the full text does not allow for the direct download. That is why Citavi always looks for URLs and adds them to the title, too, if you use the feature "Find full text".

You can find more information in the manual: https://www1.citavi.com/sub/manual6/en/index.html?finding_full-text_articles.html

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