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How to stop download links but download pdfs in Citavi?

Zhenyu Zeng

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I am using Citavi, in which I have a lot of references that don't have pdf. So I hope Citavi download it automatically. When I click the "Find full text" button in the Citavi, it always downloads links, so I need to click links to download pdfs. May you teach me to let Citavi download pdfs not links.


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On 3/26/2022 at 1:55 AM, Stacy Penna said:

Hi Zhenyu, sorry for the delay in responding. If there is a non gated pdf, Citavi will bring it in. But many pdf articles are gated by the publisher. 

I see in some cases, Citavi only add links not pdf even if the pdf can be downloaded.

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Hi Zhenyu

Have you tried clicking on Find Full Text. That will help you find a PDF that is accessible to bring in to Citavi (see below). If it's a link with a gated data base then you would need to go into the database and bring in the article into Citavi from there. Hope this helps Stacy


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