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Ipad and Imac


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I've been using Citavi on Windows but I also have Mac so I bought the version to allow me to interchange between both devices but I have to say I am really struggling with Citavi web.  I can't find any videos for how to use it on an iPad or indeed iMac.  I use chrome on both devices.


On the iPad I can eventually get a pdf uploaded as a reference but I can't use the yellow highlighter to do a 'direct quotation'. 


On the iMac the picker doesn't even import into the web version so I have to manually download each reference and then upload. Then when I am highlighting in yellow the text isn't actually going into the 'text box' on the right even though the quotation is highlighted in yellow.


At the moment this is feeling like a waste of money when it was meant to make my life easier


Can anyone help? I am dyslexic so I'm better with online videos/training if possible as I need the visual aid.





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