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Legacy storage--Is a subscription necessary?


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I have two questions about Citavi storage since the company's acquisition by QSR.

First, I have 5.5 of legacy storage that is due to expire at the end of May. I prefer not to have an annual subscription. Will Citavi 6 for Windows still work after my legacy storage expires if I move all of my files from the Citavi's cloud to local storage or will I be unable to log into my account?

Second, if I begin an annual subscription, but choose not to renew, what happens to my files in the cloud?

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hi Lara, All good questions. Citavi 6 is a desktop product so if you purchased a perpetual license will work. I will have to get more clarification on the storage question. And your files in the cloud. I will get back to you soon.

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Hi Lara,

Yes, even after the storage expires, you can still use your Citavi 6 Desktop license. Only the cloud storage will not be available anymore. You can still open projects stored in the cloud, but you cannot add any pdf or other files. You can create a local copy of your cloud projects at any time.

For the time being, your files in the cloud are not touched when your subscription expires. You will simply not be able to add any additional files to them anymore.

Hope this helps. Stacy

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