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Support & login problems


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in the past, questions in the forum and by e-mail were answered within one working day: quickly, competently, politely and individually with a greeting from lake zurich.

1 since qsr there seems to be no (german speaking) support anymore, right?

2 is the old forum taken care of / maintained by you - https://help.citavi.com/topics?

3 who can i contact how (e-mail?) if i have problems?

4 what about online infrastructure: first the license renewal took forever, although my university paid. the login and access to the cloud does not work reliably. what do you do about it?


here are a few comments from the "old" forum:


- "How long are we supposed to wait before Citavi-Web starts working reasonably again? I don't want to imagine what the situation is like for someone who has to hand in a thesis soon and has built his research on Citavi. Does Citavi still have any responsibility to the users or should I look into another citation program"

- "However, I am somewhat impatient because support requests on this topic are completely ignored"

- "I have not been able to log into Citavi from the desktop for about 5 days. The program does not start. When I go to "Log In" my browser opens, I select my university, log in and nothing happens. The "Sign In" window stays and Citavi doesn't open."

- Before the sale, support was available on weekdays during normal office hours, since the sale ... Whether the technology registers the many error messages here and cares, no one outside of Citavi knows.

- I can not open my cloud project since yesterday. Always the error message "no connection to the cloud". I need to get to my project urgently! Support has not responded yet... License is valid, logging out and in does nothing....

- This is no way to work. I study part-time. The time budget is extremely tight anyway - and then I have to deal with such a crap for hours....

- The program just costs a lot of nerves and is totally frustrating. Since the new owner has taken over the product, it is hardly usable. Listen: YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO US STUDENTS. We, the users, have put so much time into our knowledge collections that we depend on it. I can no longer afford to do without it. I think it's outrageous to exploit our dependency like this and fob us off with poor support and product. Finally, get rid of the online registration requirement or make sure that the registrations are highly available and, above all, FAST.

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Hello, Thank you for sharing this information. We are aware of these issues. I will share your post with our team. This Citavi Community is meant to discuss best practices for using Citavi and networking. My goal is to find a Citavi Champion to help me monitor the forums. We just made this live recently. If you would like to schedule a call to discuss this, please let me know. 

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I could monitor the German community - if you can live with me using deepl.com to exchange with QSR, like here. 
We should discuss scope, form and further details via email. Please contact me. My email address is stored in my profile.

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Hi! I have a Citavi license since April 2021. However, after upgrading to the new software version and Citavi web, my storage disappeared.
Even if I delete files or delete projects, it doesn't help because it says I have negative storage.
It wasn't a cheap license, please I want my storage back. Grateful!

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Hello I need some help.

I'm trying to log into Citavi. I give my email address and my password. After that I am asked for a verification code in the 
authenticator app. However, this is always wrong when I enter it and I have no way of login. 
I have already synchronize the time in my authenticator app. There is nothing to be done, the codes are always wrong. 
I'm going crazy and don't know what I should/can do now? I have already written to Citavi support, no answer.
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